I feel fortunate to be able to have my own business; because it’s on days like these that I really appreciate the benefits. It is a beautiful fall day, and I plan to enjoy some of it! I’m not a fan of cold weather, and I know that sunny fall days like today are in limited supply. I’m going to make sure to get outside and enjoy the day. I will probably spend some time “tidying nature” as my husband always teases me, or walk the dog, or both! To me, one of the biggest benefits to having your own business is the flexibility we have in our schedule. Because I have my own business, I get to enjoy one of the last beautiful days of fall while others are stuck inside at work. It doesn’t always happen this way; some days are filled with scheduled coaching calls so I can’t just go outside and enjoy the day. Other days I just have too much to do. But today I’m going to get outside and enjoy this beautiful fall day because I’ve been hard at work this week and I’ve got a ton of work completed. I’m going to take time to enjoy the benefits of having my own business and head outside.

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