One of thework-at-home-mom-cartoon-150x150 reasons for starting my own home business was to make sure I had no regrets. I had been toying with the idea of working from home for years, but I kept resisting. I kept allowing my self-doubt to decide my life course. I kept allowing it to creep in. I kept thinking, “What if I do it and I’m not successful?”

It can appear so much easier to not do something, but will you regret it in the end? What is that saying? “It’s not what you did that failed, but what you didn’t do that you will regret.” What did I have to lose? If I tried and failed, then at least I had given it a shot. If I didn’t do it, I would always wonder, “What if?”

What are you not doing? What have you not tried? Why are you resisting? What self-doubt are you allowing to creep in and decide your life course? Will you make mistakes? Of course! Will you fail at some parts? Of course, you will! Everyone does! But the ones who keep going and who fail forward towards success are the ones who succeed.

I’m challenging you to take action! Don’t think it is too late. Think better late than never. Talk about No Regrets. I love this video. Would you do that at 80 years old? Start your own business! Live a life of no regrets! I did it, and you can too!

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