work from home direct sales Part 2There are pros and cons to setting up a home business with direct sales and network marketing companies, as well as with affiliate programs, but reputable companies can provide support in getting started and have the potential for you to earn a rewarding income.

In part two of Home Business Opportunities for Work at Home Parents, I discuss six more questions to consider before choosing a company to work with.

1. Does the company pay their associates, consultants, or distributors on time? What do others typically earn, and how much time and effort do they invest to earn it? Talk to others to find out what their experience has been, preferably not someone who will benefit from you becoming involved in the company.

2. What kind of marketing support does the company provide? What about business tools? Are there any statistics available? Will you have an online account to log into to track sales, manage enrollments, product fulfilment, training materials, etc.?

3. Will you be able to earn a good commission from sales, or are you required to recruit others before you can earn a profit? Beware of illegal pyramid schemes if the company doesn’t provide a way to make a profit from the sale of products.

4. How much does it cost to get your new home business started? Beware of business opportunities that have huge startup or training costs. Usually, training is free or a reasonable cost. Most of the legitimate network marketing companies will have a startup cost that ranges between $10 to $1000, depending on the particular company and your commitment. Affiliate programs are usually free for you to join to promote their products.

5. Are there any monthly minimum sales or purchase requirements? Some companies require you to make a minimum amount of sales in order to get paid. Many companies require a regular or monthly purchase to continue selling their products for profit, whether you purchase the products for your personal use or for resale. This amount may range from $50 to $250. With affiliate programs, some may choose to drop you from their program if you don’t make sales.

6. Does the company offer incentives for higher levels of sales or enrollments? Some companies may offer increased discounts, free products, or gifts of appreciation.

Do proper research before becoming involved in any company. If a home business opportunity sounds too good to be true, promising easy money for very little to no work, it’s likely a scam. Many of these “businesses” advertise and promise exaggerated income with phoney testimonials. Take your time and thoroughly research the company because not only can you lose money, but you can damage your name and reputation if you represent a company that you later find is not actually a legitimate business and is some kind of scam.

Send me an email if you would like to know some of my recommendations for great companies to work with.

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