5 Ways to Get Focused & Transform Your Business

Successful BusinessTo build a successful business, you need to have a clear vision for your business; a purpose, a dream that compels you and guides you along the way. You can focus on this vision regularly to help keep you inspired and help you keep on track with your goals. Here are 5 ways to get focused and transform your business now.

1. Write Down Your Vision Statement

Try writing down your vision. What inspires and motivates you to grow your business? Who do you want to help and why? What will your business look like? What services will you offer? What products will you offer? What will your clients be like? What success will you achieve? What does this all look like? What does it feel like? Write out your vision in as much detail as possible. Then re-write it in present tense, as if it is already happening.

2. Create a Vision Board

You may find a vision board to be helpful because you can look at it regularly and it will remind you of your goals and dreams. You can write your vision statements on it and you can pin images that represent your goals and dreams. Make sure your vision statement in present tense and read it every day. Make sure it excites you and inspires you to want to take action! You can even post your positive vision statement around the house, on the walls, on mirrors, on doors. Read it regularly to remind you and help you keep on track.

3. Break Down Your Goals

Each month, make a list of the goals you want to achieve that month. Then break them down into smaller bite-sized goals that you can reasonably accomplish each week. Block off time in your schedule to work on these and get them done. Check these items off on your monthly goal list so that you can see your progress.

4. Get an Accountability Buddy

Partner with another entrepreneur to hold each other accountable to your goals and dreams. Check in regularly – whether once a day or once a week. Tell your partner about your vision and goals, and what you intend to accomplish that day or week. They can help motivate you and help ensure that you complete the tasks you said you would.

5. Hire a Business Coach

A business coach will help you get clear on your vision, will help you create goals and a long-term success plan, will keep you focused (a challenge for most of us), and will help you grow your business at a much faster rate.

If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or you are unclear on how to move your business forward, I would like to offer you a complimentary 30-minute call to explore the possibilities of working together. Email me at donna@pajamapaycheque.com. Building your dream business is possible once you have that clear vision, focus, and strategic plan to achieve that success you desire.

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